A commonly performed crime of violence is robbery. It is the crime of taking another’s property by using intimidation or more often than not, violence. People who may want to learn more about what constitutes robbery may do their research via the Internet, read Law books, or better yet consult a Los Angeles robbery lawyer.

Robbery is different from the crime of simple theft. However, it may be hard to distinguish one from the other.

Los Angeles criminal lawyers may explain that there is a need to look at two factors: the level of force used by the offender and the time of the act, to be able to determine whether the act was a robbery or just a case of simple theft.

For example, grabbing a lady’s bag on the streets may usually be seen as simple theft. However, other factors e.g. the lady being injured when pushed to the ground by the offender may point to robbery. Bear in mind though that the decision of whether or not it is an act of simple theft or an act of robbery may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Some of the common types of robbery, as what a Los Angeles robbery lawyer may be able to explain to you include:

• Piracy
There is such a thing as ‘robbery at sea,’ more popularly known as piracy. Violent actions committed by aircraft A or ship A against ship B or aircraft B for personal gains are usually seen as piracy.
• Armed robbery

Armed robbery, on the other hand, is usually defined by Los Angeles criminal lawyers as the taking of other people’s property with the help of deadly weapons such as a knife, gun, etc.

Using other instruments and making other people think that it’s a weapon in order to forcefully take their belongings is also considered as armed robbery. Armed robbery, being graver than ‘simple robbery’ may result to more serious penalties.

A person sentenced guilty of robbery is usually put to jail, with the maximum sentence being life imprisonment. A Los Angeles robbery lawyer may be able to help you in many ways if you are a victim of robbery, or you have been ‘framed up’ as the perpetrator of robbery.

Aside from that, A Los Angeles robbery lawyer may also be able to enlighten you on how different robbery is from the other crimes of theft.