The Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis and the Los Angeles DUI Lawyers of, provide legal defense in DUI matters. A DUI is a criminal offense and is treated as such in the California criminal courts.

Though a DUI is a criminal matter, DUI’s require a criminal lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced with the constantly changing DUI laws, technology, and court preparation.

Our DUI Lawyers provide representation in the criminal courts where a judge determines what type of punishment should be given by the People of the State of California for driving under the influence.

In the California criminal courts, the judge in a drunk driving offense case will usually either make a decision based on imprisonment, fines, suspension of driving (through court) and order rehabilitate programs such as alcohol and drug programs, community service or even ordering the offender to attend classes.

Our DUI Lawyers will attend the criminal court proceedings and defend the whole case in the criminal courts as part of our DUI defense services.

Our DUI Lawyers also represent our clients in the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) DUI hearing. This is a hearing where the DMV reviews all of the evidence and makes a determination as to whether the license of the DUI offender should be suspended, restricted, revoked, or left intact.

The DMV hearing officer will review evidence that is collected from the arresting officer and is usually the same as used in the criminal courts to determine the fate of the drunk driving offenders driving license.

Our DUI Lawyers represent our clients in the DMV hearing through all the necessary steps till a decision is made or there are no more options in fighting the case with the DMV.

Our DUI Attorneys also assist in matters after the criminal case and DMV hearing are determined.

Our DUI Lawyers assist in minimizing the effects of a DUI conviction if that is the outcome, by facilitating the programs, classes and recommending other DUI related services.

For a better understanding of the DUI charges you are facing or what you can expect with the current DUI charges, call today for a free consultation by the DUI Attorneys of DUI Esq.

Whether its a current DUI charge or an older DUI conviction that you want to expunge, our DUI Attorneys can assist you doing the best you can with a DUI conviction.


For more information about our services and the options in your case, please call our office and schedule a free consultation.


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