Drug crimes and drug offenses are a major portion of the crimes committed in the Southern California and Greater Los Angeles area.

Drug offenders are also the majority of inmates in California jails and prisons. There is no question that drugs are a major problem in today’s society and only growing and its top on the list for politicians and government agencies to aggressively crackdown on.

Whether charged with possession, harvesting, trafficking, or transportation, the penalties for drug offenses are very costly.

There are many of your options and alternatives in fighting and defending a drug charge. It is important that you have a lawyer familiar with not only the local Los Angeles courts but with the nature of the narcotics and the charges.

The Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis have been representing their clients in criminal matters for over 30 years in Los Angeles. Our Drug Defense Lawyers are familiar with the development of drug laws and the changes in policy and practice.

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