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Aside from illegal possession of drugs, cultivating drugs is also considered as a federal crime and is usually called: drug manufacturing.

Nowadays, even finding chemicals or tools that may be used to cultivate drugs in your home or office may result to a charge of drug manufacturing against you.

Drug Manufacturing

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Some states may even allow the seizure of your properties if illegal drug plants e.g. marijuana plants are found in your backyard. In the event that you undergo arrest because of being a suspect of drug manufacturing, call your Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer immediately.

Materials that may be used in drug manufacturing are not that hard to find. You might be surprised once you hear Los Angeles criminal attorneys talking about the usual materials found in residential places that may be used in drug manufacturing. These include coffee filters, ammonia, decongestants, and many others that people can easily get.

This may mean that it is easier for prosecutors to charge people with the crime of drug manufacturing so it is a must to seek the help of an experienced Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer.

Take note that a charge of illegal drug possession when you have been caught with drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc. is different from a drug manufacturing or cultivation charge or the intent to distribute charge.

Usually, drug manufacturing brings about heavier sentences and harsher penalties as compared to drug possession.

Make sure that you do not proceed with the court hearings without first consulting with Los Angeles criminal attorneys, specifically the best ones.

Drug Manufacturing Sentences 101

  • Drug Manufacturing is a crime that results in grave penalties.
  • The minimum jail sentence of a person caught in drug manufacturing, specifically for small-time operations, may vary from probation to a very harsh state prison sentence depending on the ‘size of the business,’ as well as the past criminal record of the offender.
  • A Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer may also provide you with the awareness that big-time drug manufacturing offenders may be put to jail for a length of five years, up to a maximum of forty years if proven guilty.
  • A drug manufacturing charge is most of the time piled on top of other drug crimes that may result in longer jail time.
  • You may have a bigger chance of gaining a lighter sentence if you utilize the services of the best Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer.
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Before answering the questions of law enforcement officers, make sure that you have consulted with a Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer first. Having thorough discussions with Los Angeles criminal attorneys usually help drug manufacturing offenders avoid being charged with the wrong crimes.



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