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Theft of motor vehicles is known as carjacking.

Carjacking may not only involve stealing the car itself but may also mean the kidnapping of the vehicle’s owners during the incident.


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The occupants of the carjacked vehicle are usually dropped off, and they are lucky if they are left in one piece. Sometimes, the victims of carjacking may also find themselves raped, beaten, and even killed. For those who have experienced carjacking, contacting a Los Angeles carjacking lawyer as fast as they can is advised.

Carjacking is one of the crimes of violence that may seem less dangerous than the other crimes, but can definitely be very traumatic.

Victims may develop the fear of driving a private vehicle or riding a private vehicle after experiencing carjacking. Aside from consulting a Southern California criminal lawyer, most victims may even have the need to have regular sessions with psychologists to recover from trauma.

To lessen the chances of having your motor vehicle carjacked, a Los Angeles carjacking lawyer may be able to give you tips just like these:

  • Park your car in brightly lit areas
  • When coming in or walking out of your vehicle, be alert
  • If you can, utilize valet parking services
  • Do not loiter in your vehicle. Start your engine and leave immediately
  • Make it a habit to drive with your car windows closed and your doors all locked

The usual victims of carjacking are people who are not that attentive. Just like most criminals, a Southern California criminal lawyer may warn you that carjackers succeed more in the presence of the element of surprise.

The tips mentioned above are just a few of the many steps you could take to decrease the possibility of being a victim of a carjacking.

Getting more tips from a Los Angeles carjacking lawyer may be necessary.



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