theft crimes in california

There are so many types of theft offenses

Theft offenses

– such as robbery, burglary, shoplifting, looting, and even fraud.

A person who is proven guilty of theft is referred to as a thief.

A Los Angeles theft offenses lawyer may have another term for theft offenses: Property crimes.

These crimes may either be considered as misdemeanors or felonies which are based on how valuable the stolen properties are, or how much they are worth.

People who have been charged with any type of theft offense may really be stigmatized even after spending time in jail.

Some prosecutors may even have the habit of ‘overcharging’ theft offenses, which proves why the services of a good Los Angeles theft offenses lawyer are really necessary.

For people to be sentenced guilty of theft offenses, the prosecutors must first have proof that the thieves really had the intent to steal away the properties involved in the case.

Accidentally taking another person’s property is not considered theft.

For example, in a party, person A and person, B both hung their coats, with person A owning the black coat with Ralph Lauren as the label, and person B owning a brand-less black coat.

When the party ends, person B takes the black Ralph Lauren coat without realizing that it’s not his.

Person A then takes person B’s coat and realizes the mistake. Person B cannot be charged with theft since he did not really intend to take Person A’s Ralph Lauren coat—it was just a mistake.

If law enforcement officers drop by your house to question you about your involvement in any of the following, even without arrest, that may be the best time to consult your Los Angeles criminal lawyer

There are actually a lot more crimes considered as theft offenses which you may learn about from a Los Angeles theft offenses lawyer.

  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Auto Theft
  • Burglary
  • Theft By Extortion

If you have been charged for the crimes of theft offenses, call a Los Angeles theft offenses lawyer early.

Never answer police questions without having a Los Angeles criminal lawyer by your side.

Try to avoid making any kind of mistake, no matter how little, and you may do so by immediately hiring a private legal counsel.

With an experienced Los Angeles theft offenses lawyer, you have the chance of gaining a sentence that’s less harsh, or a totally dismissed charge.

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Ensure the protection of your rights by having a good Los Angeles criminal lawyer to defend you, or even prevent the case from being filed. 

If you are facing charges for theft, whether it is for a simple petty theft offense or a multi-million dollar theft, you need a Los Angeles criminal lawyer that is familiar with the local laws, the local courts, and the local society.

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