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People caught possessing illegal drugs are not the only ones who may have problems with the law.

Those who engage in the transportation of illegal drugs, a vital step in the selling or distribution of drugs may also face criminal charges. The law on controlled substances, which includes the regulations on the transportation of illegal drugs, was made to teach offenders a lesson, is believed by most Los Angeles criminal lawyers.

Transportation of Illegal Drugs

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Drug Transportation Defined

The drug offense: The transportation of illegal drugs may usually be referred to by Los Angeles criminal lawyers as ‘narcotics’.

The said crime takes place when a person or a group of people transfers controlled substances from point A to point B in order to successfully sell or distribute illegal drugs to the middlemen or direct buyers.

Whether you are engaged in drug transportation occasionally or engage in it daily, the consequences may be very serious.

Keep in mind too that transporting small amounts or large amounts of illegal drugs will always be serious criminal offenses. Hiring a competent Los Angeles drug transportation lawyer may ensure that the right verdict or sentence is given to an offender.

The Consequences of the Transportation of Illegal Drugs

People who are arrested for the transportation of illegal drugs have to be aware of the consequences of their actions and learn to face results.

The gravity of the penalties may rely on a number of factors including the drug type transported, the total amount of the controlled substances, where the drugs will be sent, etc.

A Los Angeles drug transportation lawyer may usually set your expectations as to the kind of punishments that may be given once you are proven guilty of drug transportation.

These penalties may include:

• Being put to jail
• Paying big fines
• Registering as a drug offender
• Forfeiture of property
• Drug Counseling or Rehabilitation
• Being deported if you are not a citizen of the United States

Those who have been placed under investigation or who have been put under arrest for the transportation of illegal drugs must realize that what they are facing are serious criminal charges.

These charges usually produce serious penalties that a Los Angeles drug transportation lawyer may be able to ‘weaken’.

Never underestimate the capabilities of skilled Los Angeles criminal lawyers; who knows, you may find yourself set free from drug transportation charges or experience a milder sentence than what you may be expecting.



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