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More often than not,

Weapons Charges

– a Los Angeles Weapons Charges defense lawyer may even tell you the bad news that weapons charges can bring about more penalties or longer sentences aside from the ‘main crime’ you were charged with.

Many times, police searches of suspected criminals result in the discovery of deadly weapons in their homes, which may be used against the suspects, most especially bring about an additional charge referred to as weapons charges.

A Los Angeles Weapons Charges defense lawyer may inform you that some weapons charges e.g. illegal gun possession may be considered as a misdemeanor, but some may be treated as felonies that may result in being sentenced to prison for a very long time, usually up to 20 years.

Here are some of the kinds of weapons charges which Southern California criminal attorneys may help you become aware of:

  • Illegal gun possession
  • Utilization of a deadly weapon to complete a crime e.g. using a gun in a robbery, using a knife in an assault, etc.
  • Ex-convict caught in possession of a gun or firearm

Southern California criminal attorneys may also clarify to you that there may also be weapons charges that result from the utilization of other objects aside from firearms or guns.

A log, broken glass, etc. may be considered a deadly weapon and may result in a weapons charge, most especially when it is proven that you have the intention of hurting other people.

Being penalized for weapons charges is not only applicable to citizens of a specific country.

Legal residents and non-citizens may also face this type of criminal charge and may cause deportation aside from being put to jail.  Denial of citizenship may also be faced by non-citizens caught with deadly weapons.

Facing weapons charges definitely requires the services of a Los Angeles Weapons Charges defense lawyer, whether the case is for a misdemeanor or a serious criminal charge.

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    Remember that facing weapons charges may also mean having other charges filed against you, which means that you need a legal counsel to defend you.


    A good Los Angeles Weapons Charges defense lawyer may aid you in the prevention of conviction or may help reduce the level of the harshness of any sentence or penalty.

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