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Illegal drug possession is the term used for the crime of having prohibited or regulated drugs.

Whether the drugs are for your own use, for sale, etc., being caught results in a charge of drug possession. Seeking the help of a Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer is a necessary step, especially if you want to understand fully the implications of the possession of illegal drugs.

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Possession of illegal drugs does not only refer to marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, etc.

Having any drug paraphernalia or tools that may be used in drug manufacturing can also implicate you in drug possession charges.

A Los Angeles criminal attorney also provides you with the knowledge that carrying a regulated drug without the doctor’s prescription is also considered as illegal drug possession.

Possession of illegal drugs could be a misdemeanor or a felony.

The greater the number of drugs found in your possession, the more serious the punishments may be. This may also result in being charged with a more serious crime such as the so-called ‘intent to distribute,’ thus heavier penalties may arise.

The punishments that may result from being caught in possession of illegal drugs may vary.

A Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer may be able to give you the information on penalties— with being fined as the mildest, and a long term prison sentence as the heaviest form of penalty, though serving jail time for drug possession may be rare as compared to being charged with heavier drug-related crimes e.g. drug trafficking.

Sentences for being found guilty of the possession of illegal drugs may be affected by a number of factors such as the drug type found in your possession, your criminal background, the total amount of drug recovered, and the state where you were caught.

Drug possession laws may actually vary from one state to another as some states in the US, and even some countries treat specific drugs as legal e.g. marijuana.

Previous offenders in terms of the possession of illegal drugs are usually given sentences that are harsher.

If the said crime was performed very closely to places such as a school, a child care center, an orphanage, etc., the sentences or penalties may also be enhanced.

Some states may also have additional rules on ‘enhancement situations,’ which may be explained more by a Los Angeles criminal attorney.

Aside from paying fines or being put to jail, other sentences pertaining to the possession of illegal drugs may include being put under probation, being required to attend drug rehabilitation programs, with the latter being the hardest penalty as viewed by drug possession offenders.

The so-called ‘drug courts’ have even been made in order to give treatment and counseling to people who have been found guilty of the possession of illegal drugs.

A big percentage of jail inmates in the US alone have been found guilty of drug use.

A Los Angeles Drug Possession Lawyer will usually educate offenders on the importance of kicking that drug habit which may be more successful with the help of rehabilitation and treatment



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