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Bail, on the other hand, refers to the amount of money an arrestee has to pay if he wants to remain out of jail before the actual court hearing.

Bail may be considered an assurance that an arrestee will show up for his court hearings. Once you appear in court, the money you posted for bail will be given back to you. 


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In the event that the defendant does not appear in court at the right time required, the bail money is kept by the court and a warrant of arrest is issued for the defendant.

The amount of bail a defendant may have to pay to remain out of jail may actually depend on the gravity of the criminal offense.

If the judge is convinced that there is a big chance that you may not attend the court hearings, the amount of bail may be increased. Your Los Angeles criminal attorney, however, may try to ask the judge to lessen the amount of bail needed from you for as long as your Los Angeles criminal attorney convinces the judge that you are unlikely to hide from the hearings.

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