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The crime of killing another person is referred to as homicide. Take note however that the act of homicide may not always be seen as something illegal.

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The reason why the action took place may affect if a specific homicide may be considered illegal or may be justified. Here are some of the types of homicide people may have to be aware of:

• Homicide in the First Degree

If the homicide is pre-meditated, especially if done through other types of felonies like rape, arson, etc. Southern California criminal attorneys see that as a homicide.

If the crime was performed by convicts who have been sentenced to life imprisonment, it also usually points to homicide.

• Homicide in the Second Degree

Most Southern California criminal attorneys may tell you that second-degree homicide means killing someone without the element of pre-meditation.

• Homicide in the Third Degree

If a person has the intention of only harming the victim, but his actions resulted in the kill, a Los Angeles homicide lawyer may view that action as a third-degree homicide.

• Manslaughter

Another form of homicide is manslaughter, which may be considered by a Los Angeles homicide lawyer as a crime that may be less grave than the crime of murder based on capability.

Determining criminal capability is usually dependent on the offender’s state if mind.

In manslaughter, there is the intention to kill, but there is also the element of recklessness, or in simpler terms, may be considered as a criminal act which results from a person’s adrenaline rush.

A good example of manslaughter is the heat of the moment crime wherein a wife kills her spouse when she witnessed him having sex with a third party.

Southern California criminal attorneys may also inform you about the kinds of homicide that are not considered as criminal in nature. A very popular non-criminal homicide is self-defense, wherein a person’s act of killing another is justified if he did that to prevent his death from the other person’s deadly actions.

Killing someone due to insanity is also considered as a homicide once proven in the court.

A Los Angeles homicide lawyer may also discuss that killing other people on the battlefield is also a form of non-criminal homicide, usually referred to as a homicide sanctioned by the state.

Consulting a Los Angeles homicide lawyer will help you obtain information on many homicide facts aside from defining the crime itself.

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