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Burglary may also be referred to as housebreaking.

Los Angeles criminal attorneys usually call burglary as a crime of breaking and entering.


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Offenders enter a house or a property illegally to be able to get money or any valuable stuff or simply with the intent to commit an act considered a felony.

Whether the goal of committing an offense is completed or not, for as long as there is breaking and entering into a property, a charge of burglary may be made.

A Los Angeles burglary lawyer may explain that breaking could either be: forcing a door open, breaking windows to get into a house, or threatening the owner of the house just to be able to come into the house.

Entering refers to physically entering a property in an illegal way. Most states in the past also need to see that the act happened during night time for it to be considered a burglary.

Nowadays, however, whether or not it is night time, if the actions of people meet the above-mentioned components of burglary, then those people may be charged with burglary.

Los Angeles criminal attorneys consider the crime of burglary either as a misdemeanor or a felony which usually consists of theft as well as trespassing.

If breaking and entering were also performed with the intent to commit any other crime aside from theft that may also be considered by a Los Angeles burglary lawyer as burglary. Burglary usually leads to other crimes such as arson, kidnapping, sexual abuse, etc.

A burglary committed at night is called a nighttime burglary which is considered by most states in the United States as a graver crime as compared to burglary done in the daytime.

A Los Angeles burglary lawyer may refer to nighttime burglary as first-degree burglary, while daytime burglary is called second-degree burglary.

Because of this, people who have committed night time burglary are mostly given harsher punishments.

Los Angeles criminal attorneys may also mention aggravated burglary which is the crime wherein a person breaks and enters into a property bringing a firearm, explosives, etc.

The heaviest sentence given to people who have been found guilty of aggravated burglary is life imprisonment.

Being convicted of burglary may result in harsh penalties, not only being imprisoned but also having to pay high fines.

A crime of burglary may be considered just a simple misdemeanor or a felony depending on the total value of the stolen property if any.

Aside from serving jail time and paying fines, a person guilty of burglary may also have to be on probation or perform community service.

If you want to learn more, speak with a Los Angeles burglary lawyer. If you have been charged or arrested for the crime of burglary,

it is a must for you to hire a Los Angeles burglary lawyer who will be able to defend you in court, and may even help you get lighter sentences or even convince the judge to let you go.



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