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This may happen not only in marriages and families

Domestic Violence lawyers

– but also in dating partners. Domestic violence usually consists of physical attacks such as shoving, hitting, as well as sexual abuse, and even stalking.

Financial and emotional abuse may also be a part of domestic violence, and experiencing these is a signal for you to look for a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer.

Putting a stop to domestic violence may also be done early by immediately consulting Southern California criminal lawyers.

Actions Pertaining to Domestic Violence

The following are some of the actions that play a role in domestic violence:

  • Name-calling
  • Forced sex
  • Physical Abuse whether threatened or done in actual
  • Stalking someone

Remember that anybody can be a victim of domestic violence. Women may not the only ones who suffer from domestic violence; some men also do, but the total number of women whoa re victims is greater than the total count of men who suffer from domestic violence.

Children also have a high rate of domestic violence experiences.

In fact, children who live in homes where their mothers suffer from domestic violence may have behavioral problems, even if they themselves are not physically hurt by the abusers.

A Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer will usually remind victims of the following:

  • Acts of domestic violence are not the victims’ faults
    Victims of domestic violence may have to realize that they are not alone
    There are a lot of ways to help people who are experiencing domestic violence
    Some people may also not realize that stalking can be considered part of domestic violence unless Southern California criminal lawyers inform them.
  • Continuous stalking may cause a person to be upset, whether it is done by someone close to you or a stranger. Stalkers may not cause physical harm at first, but in the end, stalking may result to domestic violence, specifically physically.
  • A Description of the Abusers
    People who engage in domestic violence, or the ‘abusers’ may be difficult to recognize.
  • The truth is that there is no such thing as an archetypal abuser. Abusers typically act very gently and loving to their families or loved ones in the presence of other people.
  • Once they reach home, they begin abusing their partners or their children. They are most of the time discreet because they see to it that the injuries they have caused by domestic violence are not that noticeable and without the need for hospital treatments.


How to be Safe from Domestic Violence?

People who may need immediate help from domestic violence may do the following:

  • Contact 911 or a nearby police department
    Police officers may help you ‘evacuate’ from your home with your children to be protected from your abuser. They may also be able to arrest your abuser if they get enough evidence that you are victims of domestic violence.
  • Seek the support of your close friends and relatives
    It may be advisable that you inform your friends and loved ones what has happened so they can give you the support or help that you need, and even extra protection from domestic violence. You may also seek shelter in the home of a close friend or family member where you may be safer from your abuser as compared to living in your home.
  • See your doctor immediately
    Being a victim of domestic violence may mean having a number of injuries that may need medical assistance. The medical records that may be obtained from the hospital may also be used as evidence in the court hearing for the domestic violence case.
Animal Abuse

The California Law on Animal Abuse

California has specific laws on animal care. These laws specifically protect pets, strays, wild and farm animals from animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect of their owners.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, contact a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer so that you are represented by a lawyer that can protect your rights.

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