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Touching a person without consent in a manner that is considered offensive is a crime of violence referred to as a battery.

The crime of battery may actually be a disrespect of the principle of respecting another’s personal space.

Most Los Angeles criminal attorneys may say that battery differs from assault because assault may be considered just a threat to cause injury to another person, while the battery is the actual causing of harm to another.


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The battery may be classified into different types. A Los Angeles battery lawyer may be able to describe each as:

• Simple battery

A Los Angeles battery lawyer may view crime as a simple battery when harmful actions are performed towards another person, with or without resulting in injuries.

The simple battery just like simple assault may usually be considered by Los Angeles criminal attorneys as a misdemeanor.

This crime of violence more often than not results in the offender being fined or put to jail for a short period of time, usually no more than a period of one year.

• Sexual Battery

Touching, or mashing of another person’s body parts, specifically private areas e.g. breasts, buttocks, and so on is a form of sexual battery.

Sexual battery is a felony and being guilty of it may mean being imprisoned for not more than ten years. Even after you have served jail time, registering as a sex offender is required.

• Aggravated battery

For a battery to be viewed as aggravated in nature, the following may have to be present:

  1. The victim is either a woman, a law enforcement officer, or a kid
  2. The victim develops serious injuries
  3. The actions were done with the use of deadly weapons Like a sexual battery, Los Angeles criminal attorneys consider aggravated battery as a felony and inform their clients of the possible punishments like longer periods of imprisonment, and in rare cases, a death sentence.

Some offenders may be acquitted from the battery if there is reliable proof of having mental illnesses.

In the event that you or someone you know has experienced battery, call a Los Angeles battery lawyer fast and find out what steps may be done to seek justice.


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